Nursing institute- Al method hospital

History of the institute: The institute was established in 17-12-1981 according to the law number 462. It contains the specialty of nursing care BT (baccalaureate technique) degree. And in 13-07-1994 according to law number 5404 the institute had the permission to adopt the degree of TS (technique superieur) in nursing care.
In 25-5-1999 the institute got according to the law number 2201/6 the permission to adopt the degree of radiology technique TS degree.
The institute is related to Al Janoub Hospital and it is a private institute that teaches presently the majors of baccalaureate technique and technique superieur in nursing care and will start offering courses in radiology technique starting from the academic year 2002-2003.

The institute philosophy: the institute ambition is to prepare its students in nursing care that goes with the tradition of the Lebanese community.
Two main values dominate our philosophy:
The respect of others.
The responsibility of the teaching faculty in the institute. That aim to improve the future career of the nurses.

The institute administration: the institute is directed by Miss Rose Harfouche holder of a master degree in nursing. And with at least 20 years experience in nursing fields. with the cooperation of specialized teachers formed from doctors, teachers and trainer with high experience and competence in medical and nursing field.
The aim of the institute is to teach and improve the knowledge of the nurses related to the official method placed by the ministry of technical and professional education.

Conditions to join the institute:
1- Technical Secondary Level:
He or she should have a basic grade elementary or equivalent.

2- Documents to be proved
-Attested copy of elementary certificate
-Attested copy of school certificate (elementary)
-Copy of identification card or attested copy of personal identification document.
-Two attested photos.
-Certification of good behavior from the last school.

3- Documents to be provided for senior technical
-Should have Lebanese baccalaureate certificate (part two)
-Attested copy of baccalaureate certificate (part two)
- Attested copy of school baccalaureate certificate (part two)
- Copy of identification card or attested copy of personal identification document
- Two attested photos
- Certification of good behavior from the last school.

Place and date of document submission:
Starting yearly from July 15th till September 15th from Monday till Friday .8.00 AM till 2.00 PM, in al Janoub Hospital Building second floor, nursing institute. Maarouf saad street, Sidon.
The educational program provides:
The official educational program of the ministry of tsechnical and professional education. In addition to many educational, scientific and activities.

The majors and languages:
1. BT in nursing care - French and English
2. TS in nursing care - French and English
3. TS in radiology technician- French and English
The duration of each major is three years.