Hospital Al-Janoub was one of the first hospitals established in the south of Lebanon.
It was approved on building the property in 1969, and the hospital opened officially in January 1,1970, and work started during that year.
Founded by Dr. Wehbe Shuayb, it had few specialties and a small number of staff.
It had a capacity of 24 beds and two floors and a basement. After 5 years, 2 other floors were added and the beds increased to 50. On 1980 the eastern side was added with other 50 beds increasing the capacity to 100 beds. A new emergency room and the kitchen were added as well. On 1983 a new nursing school was established in the property. And the improvements continued with the foundation of the radiology department and the laboratory department, all equipped with the newest machines at the time.

But unfortunately and as many other hospitals in Lebanon and in the south in specific, the hospital was hurt during the war, and all the staff suffered from the bad situation.
Many of the good doctors left the country during the Jewish invasion to Lebanon in 1982 which affected directly and badly the work of the hospital.
After the war and as the country was still trying to go on, a very bad economical condition was affecting all the businesses in Lebanon. The medical sector was affected to a big extent, and the hospital got affected and faced many problems.

The hospital now is trying to enter a new era and a new period and to challenge all the bad times and conditions it passed through. Many of the old departments are renovated and many new departments are added.
The hospital is categorized as A**** from the ministry of health in the Lebanese government, which ranks it in the category of being one of the best hospitals in Lebanon.

As you enter the admission, you are welcomed to feel as being in home away from home.
All the staff treat all the patients in the best way, whatever was his religion or nationality or race. For us we aim to let him feel at ease, because we care that our patients get the best service during their stay.

Our departments from the surgery to the obstetrics and the other entire medical department in cooperation with our staff care to provide to the patient the required satisfaction. Our operating rooms are equipped with the newest techniques for all kinds of operations that are done in the hospital.

The radiology and laboratory departments are available to offer the newest tests and X-rays to all our in and out patients 24/24 hours and 7days/week. As well for all the in-patients in addition to the radiology and laboratory a pharmacy is available 24/24 hours when needed all days of week.


Because we care we try always to compete and offer the best. And as the hospital is one of the fields in which hygiene and property and the health of the patient is a must, our hospitality department in all its members is one of the main departments that offer the best services because we aim providing a clean environment and a healthy food.
Our kitchen operates on a 24 hours basis to offer to all the patients all kinds of food items according to their cases and as requested by their doctors. A special team of specialists are here for so, with a dietitian available for the best food care of the patients.
Our cleaning team are all trained and under the supervision of a specialized person, and weekly lectures of the hygiene and the environment are made to offer the cleaning department members all the knowledge they need to give the best results in the hygiene of the property.
Laundry and tailoring is as well available in the department and available whenever needed.

And because the patient's satisfaction is our aim, a public relation department is available, with a specialized team to listen to all the feedbacks and the comments of our internal customers and external customers, because only with satisfied employees and customers we can go on.

Our emergency room is open 24 hours/day and 7 days/week to welcome all patients, and a registered nurse is available on 24 hours basis to make all the first aid requirements helping the doctors on duty as well available on the property 24 hours/day and 7days/week.
Many medical clinics are available comprising doctors from all specialties for our patients to find all their needed treatments. And for low-income customers, and because we care, a medical dispensary is available and all treatments and medications are offered at low prices.

The hospital has, and in addition to the nursing, clinical, and OR, a therapy department and a diet clinic. Our certified therapist and dietitian are available upon schedules for all the in and out patients of the hospital and with very compatible prices.

A cafeteria is as well available next to the property and a special delivery is available for all the customers and the employees all days of the week.

The hospital deals with all the private insurance companies and public institutes (NSSF, Ministry of health…).
We, all the team of the hospital would like to wish health for all the patients, and whenever needed we will be more than pleased to welcome you and offer you the best medical and non-medical service ever.

  Toghether for the Best