The hospital has a surgery department that welcomes all the patients for all kinds of operations and a special team of nurses assist for the care of all the patients whenever needed.
As for the operations, the surgery departments is headed by Dr. Wehbe Shuayb who is board certified and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, it was established on 1970 and it included genecology surgery, vascular and thoracic surgery. It also has urology and orthopedics with all the types of equipments and well-trained specialists. Also it has laparoscopic machine and microscope. It works everyday and covers emergency surgery all days of the weeks.

The chefs and divisions in the OR consists of:
Dr. W. Shuayb- General vascular and thoracic surgery
Dr. F. Fayad- Plastic surgery and reconstructive
Dr. Y. Ghaddar- Urology
Dr. H. Abdallah- Orthopedic
Dr. A. Khalil-Orthopedic
Dr. A. Najm- General and endoscopic Surgery and emergency
Dr. M. Saed- Neurosurgery
Dr. Z. Hankir-Obstetrics and gynecology
Dr. A.Kan'an-ENT